Review by Sandy Volk

“Through fiction, Donna Kean’s Clearview normalizes the nature and wonder of non-ordinary experiences, and the important, evolving role of a spiritual group or community to support them.”

Sandy Volk, LMFT

Review by Robbin Miller

“Ms. Kean definitely has a “Clear View”—of human nature, history, and the spiritual world. As if that weren’t enough, she tells her tale with biting wit and dauntless humor. What an entertaining, enlightening, satisfying read!”

Robbin Miller, writer, memoirist

Review by Barbara Koenig

Clearview  addresses the reader’s longing for a deeper spiritual connection with the past and our buried dreams. As a true visionary, D.J. Kean’s book brings us closer to those answers we too have been seeking for lifetimes. We find ourselves coming full circle and examining our own beliefs, while we connect with the stimulating characters and situations in Clearview.” 

Barbara Koenig, D.D.

Review by John Lamb

“Scenic and serene Clearview has its secrets, and so do the five main characters who populate Kean’s novel. When young Ellie arrives in town, their lives become intertwined, past-life connections are discovered, and the fate of Clearview hangs in the balance.”

John Lamb, One Bluffside Drive-A Tale of Death and Money  ( December 2015 )

Review by Ken Renshaw

"D.J. Kean takes the reader on an exciting journey through a mystical land with an interactive dream group with spiritual interrelationships that span millennia. She vividly portrays how past life relationships can affect he present . . . a great metaphysical story to stretch your imagination!"

Ken Renshaw, Crop Circles?

Review by Paula Cizmar

“Mystical, insightful, and a delight for the senses. D.J. Kean’s Clearview takes the reader on a journey toward connection—with the earth, with other people, with hidden lives, with the past. As a wildfire rages around a remote mountain town, the characters must use their intuition along with their wits as they lead the reader on an adventure like no other. Evocatively written and humane, this is such a lovely exploration of the spirit.”

Paula Cizmar, Playwright, NEA fellowship, TCG/Mellon Foundation on the Road grant. USC Playwriting Professor